Here at The PESSN we pride ourselves on the great relationships we have forged with schools and our key partners both in Southwark and beyond.

Sarah Landeg from Southwark Park Primary School  ” The C.P.D. support we are receiving from LPESSN is excellent. Members of staff have attended the Real P.E. insets and the Good to Outstanding Ofsted training at Dulwich Wood. In school 5 teachers this half term are receiving coaching and team teaching support around core skills. We are rolling this out in the summer term to include most other members of the teaching staff. Added to this we have twilight inset for EYFs/KS1 and KS2. This will support the teachers understanding of progression within P.E.
They have run a Gifted and Talented assessment afternoon and identified key children within the group providing progression plans and local clubs that can help develop their talent.
We have also just purchased the new and updated Real P.E. resources for each class in the school to support the C.P.D. teachers are receiving. In short, LPESSN is more than just offering participation events for the children. They support P.E. enrichment in school and I would thoroughly recommend them. “

Lennie Dennis (PE Coordinator at Goodrich Primary School): ” Since arriving at Goodrich I have had the pleasure of being able to interact with LPESSN regarding fixtures/competitions; professional development; extending gifted and talented pupils: SEN provisions. Competitions have included football, tennis, rugby, swimming galas, hockey, netball and multi skills to name a few. To conclude, I feel extremely lucky to have the LPESSN team available for PE in my school. I have worked in various in boroughs but they are by far the best at providing all I have stated and I hope to continue working with them for many years to come.”

Year 4 Teacher (NQT Grange School): “Great fun, practical ideas and a step towards helping me feel confident teaching PE.”

Year 6 Child (Grange School): “I really like it when we get to go on the trampolines at Glyns SEN festivals”

Year 5 Child (Grange School): “The best event is sportshall athletics as it gets really exciting watching our school race against others.”

Olivia Abrahams, (PE Coordinator at Grange Primary School): “I would love to say it was all my hard work that put PE on the map at our school but if it wasn’t for the LPESSN we wouldn’t be anywhere near the standard we are now. Their hard work and dedication have put PE & Sport at the forefront of everyone’s minds in Southwark. The opportunities they provide for both our children and staff are outstanding and you would struggle to find better anywhere else.

Every time a member of our staff attends training they come back to school with a big smile on their face and a head full of new ideas. Our children love having a sports event to look forward to nearly every week and are made to feel welcome at every festival and competition. At the start of every new school year, the first thing out of their mouths is “when are we doing an athletics competition”. At our school along with the netball league, the indoor and outdoor athletics competitions are the ones they look forward to the most. Every child who takes part enjoys it because both events are so well run.”

Kyreece, Year 3 about our Playdagogy sessions: “It was very good and I liked the sports they did. They had lots of resources. They don’t mind if you do anything wrong because we are still learning. I liked how you could feel how it would be to be blind and it was weird not knowing where you were going”.

Oudey Glover-Tettey about the  LPESSN Disability Sports Club: “The LPESSN Disability Sports Club has made a significant impact in the lives of children and young people with a range of disabilities ie autism, Down’s Syndrome, etc and that of their parents, carers and families. It is a safe, warm and friendly place for many disabled children, young people and their families/carers to socialise, interact and share information and experiences with other parents, carers and professionals. For many, it is the only frequent, structured source of respite and social interaction they get. Many disabled young people and children look forward to this group, every Saturday where they can exercise, feel safe, interact with others and it is the only respite most parents and carers get (including myself). LPESSN is second to none. It is a haven. Many children with disabilities live in flats, lacking open space or a garden, their service is very useful and much needed.”

Health and Wellbeing  

Year 4  Child “Dear Jessica, I enjoyed learning about the colour codes on the food. Thank you.”

Year 5 Child “The health and wellbeing day was extraordinary. The activities helped me to understand the real meaning of health. I mostly enjoyed the quiz and the match the sugar cube game. All the activities were good for your knowledge. I had so much fun.”

Year 5 Child “Our class have been doing sports which was really fun! My favourite part was when we had loads of bean bags in the hoola hoop and we had to see who had the most.”

Year 5 Child “I liked that in the session we had they taught us how to keep healthy which I enjoyed. They even told us healthy recipes that we could do at home. I liked the way that they told us how to measure portion sizes. It was very healthy and I learned a lot I can now use to build on in my life.”

Year 5 Child “It was fun. I learned a lot about my health. I learned that you have more carbohydrates than fruit and veg. Carbohydrates make you go, fruit and veg make you glow and protein makes you grow. The three g’s!

Year 5 Child “I thought the session was exciting and interesting. I liked it when you told us that you can look at the label on the back of the crisp packet or chocolate.”

Year 5 Child “3 reasons I liked it… 1. Now when I go shopping with my mum, I go for healthier options, 2. It was fun and you answered the questions in a kind way, 3. I learnt how many sugar cubes I should eat. Thank you Jessica”

Year 3 Child “Thank you soooo super much for teaching me and my classmates about healthy eating. I have learned a lot about sugar and fats. You have helped me so much. Thank you.”