The PESSN Sports Hall Finals

What a great sportshall final today at!

Well done to everyone who made it to the final! It was a great event today, really close and everyone gave it their all! You should all be really proud!

The PESSN Healthy Eating workshop

Great afternoon with kids and parents at English Martyrs primary school learning new healthy breakfast ideas!








Welcome back to School

The LPESSN team hope you all had a relaxing time away with family and friends.

We are looking forward welcoming you in our upcoming events!


LPESSN Ice Skating

There has been a lot of positive feedback
after the LPESSN Ice skating days! Even
thought it was a cold couple of days the
pupils were able to learn news skills and
have fun.


Lpessn Year 7 Sports Halll Competition

Great last year 7 indoor Sportshall athletics event tonight!!

A big well done to everyone who participated, our leaders from and our host


Well done to the Year 7 girls for winning this competition.

Year 5/6 Athletics at The Damilola Taylor Centre

Great year 5/6 indoor sportshall athletics event today  at Damilola Taylor Centre!

Well done to everyone who participated and our winners.





KS1 LPESSN Winter Multiskills week

Our winter KS1 Multiskills was a success and the pupils had loads of fun.
It was fully booked just after a day of the events being posted.
We tried a different format this year and we had great feedback from the schools.
The pupils enjoyed a one and half hour session with a wide variety of games and activities,
all involving the development of skills and attributes that can be applied to a range of
sports and physical activities that a child may subsequently choose to participate in.

LPESSN Playmakers Conference

We were delighted to have up skilled 57 new young leaders at our conference
this term. Congratulations to all schools that attended and brought their
students along to the training. We were impressed by the level of enthusiasm
and interest from all the pupils. The Network are really excited to see the
work that these new young leaders will now be doing back at their schools
and looking forward to seeing them helping out at our competitions!
Well done all what a fantastic day!

What an amazing day at our LPESSN playmakers leadership conference today @Damilola Taylor Centre






Year 7 Boys Football

Big well done to our Year 7 boys football winners… !

Great competition today Well done to everyone!