High quality Physical Education & School Sport should be an entitlement for every child & young person.

As a Network we ensure that this is a corner stone of our business. This manifests itself through a number of key areas. As a Network we have the largest competition programme in Central London offering opportunities in over 25 different sports; from tennis to sailing! We also hold the School Games contract for Southwark & work collaboratively with the London Youth Games to ensure excellent progression opportunities for those who should performance potential.
In addition the Network also facilitates sport specific leagues in football, basketball, tag rugby, cricket & netball. These are split across the borough to ensure goodgeographical access for all participant schools and have remained hugely popular!
The Network is a market leader in the improvement of physical education in both primary, secondary & special schools. Within our highly skilled team we have a number of practitioners who have significant experience in leading the improvement of physical education.  Wilson Frimpong is a key member of the Network core team & specialises in subject specific support in line with the new national curriculum. Wilson provides a range of interventions to ensure all staff are confident in the delivery of the subject area through CPD programs developed by the Network. Glyn Davies leads the implementation of an inclusive curriculum for all schools providing specific Special Education Needs support. Glyn also works alongside our special school membership with a specific focus at Cherry Gardens. Our colleagues Josh Daniels, George Richards, Joe Howard have significant experience in leading the delivery in leadership & core lessons. Support services for schools also include the identification of high quality after school provision, SEN and club links.


PE and school sport